Extreme Balance Makeover

Kim Jacobs is the Author of Extreme Balance Makeover.  There’s always going to be a time in our lives when we are simply out of sync. Extreme Balance Makeover is your personal guide to a better-balanced life. It is a cheat sheet that shows you how to have the life you’ve always wanted but can’t seem to grasp.

Are you torn between being every woman at home? At work? On the soccer field? Feel like you don’t have enough time to cater to your OWN needs? Allow The Balance Doctor, Kim Jacobs, to help you tilt the scales of your life back in your favor to achieve YOUR goals and dreams.

Learn how this wife of 23 years and mother of 5 is able to wear many hats and still fulfill her dreams of being a Television Talk Show Host, Author, and Founder of 2 non-profit organizations. Live your best, balanced life, today with better focus and better solutions! If she can do it, so can you!

Paperback: $14.99 or Electronic Version: $7.99 (electronic version will be delivered in your inbox)

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Women of War: Peace in the Midst of The Storm

Kim Jacobs is one of 14 contributing authors from all generations and locations that share their stories about how they persevere and overcome past, present, and future challenges.
The stories in this book will truly inspire you to become a WOMAN OF WAR! You will not view WAR the same after reading these stories. 

Paperback: $19.95

This is How I Fight My Battles

You will hear transformational stories from Kim Jacobs and 14 contributing authors that will leave your jaw dropped! Get tissue and get ready to go through the battlefield with these amazing collaborating authors.

Battles are inevitable and when you are about to enter into a battle, you don’t always have time to plan your strategy or prepare ahead of time. THIS IS HOW I FIGHT MY BATTLES takes you into the lives of women who have a history with God and their stories on what strategies they have used to fight and win their battles. Now, it is time for you to get prepared. Put on your Armour, pick up your weapon wisely, stand up, and get ready to fight through your battles SPIRITUALLY and come out a winner!

Paperback: $19.95