A Message From Kim

I’ve always been taught since I was a child that I could be anything I want to be in life. I grew up in a very impoverished environment, but my mom helped me see beyond my surroundings. 

I was the first person in my family to attend college and that really made me feel like I could conquer the world. I worked in Corporate America in an industry for 10 years that was not my passion, but I made a decision that I would still be a top performer in whatever I pursued. 

I knew that I would do something related to Television and impacting the masses when I started muting the television as a teenager and reading the closed caption when Oprah and Phil Donahue would air. I enjoyed acting as if I were hosting a television talk show.  Guess what? Practice paid off, because I became the host of my own Television Talk Show, Daily Balance with Kim Jacobs, which aired for 3 seasons on PBS and The Word Network.

As a wife of 24 years, whose husband is also a Pastor and a Mother of 5, I understand how overwhelming life’s responsibilities can appear. I know very well how to balance life after losing a child. I also know how to balance life raising a child with a chronic illness. Being a mom of children that play sports and maintain honor roll grades takes work. As well, I am a mom of a college student who attends UNC Of Chapel Hill.

There are so many life changing phases in life, that is why it is my desire to help women from all walks of life live with balance and purpose.

I especially enjoy working with Mother Dreamers. Mother Dreamers are Mothers that are doing wonderful job of raising their children and also committed to pursuing their dreams. Due to this I’ve started something called the Mother Dreamer Movement.

I can’t wait to provide an Extreme Balance Makeover to your company, organization, church, or you personally. Let’s get started on our journey together.